vrijdag, mei 12, 2006


women in film noir?

did you think there are women in film noir?
rita hayworth, jean simmons, veronica lake, barbara stanwyck, gloria swanson, ava gardner, ida lupino, lana turner, janet leigh,...
sorry, those creatures are no women.
they are divinities...
look and wonder how those film sirens can exist

dinsdag, mei 09, 2006


kurosawa/spaghetti/western/did he ran shakespeare?

he did ran!
and how.
... Akira Kurosawa’s Ran is that rare epic picture, at once enormous and intimate, simultaneously melodramatic and ... [click photos for larger versions] ...
a master at work
... In Ran, Kurosawa uses the inspiration of Shakespeare's Lear, ... screen pictures of arresting beauty that keep the complex storyline hypnotically clear. ..

ran (king lear)
... Ran (1985) is also a perfect capstone to Kurosawa's entire career (although he... (Some of Kurosawa's magnificent pictures – he was a painter before a ...
kurosawa and the spaghetti western

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