vrijdag, oktober 29, 2004


waar filmschrijfschraptoevoegen kan...

een meer waarlijke manier van filmmaken...
waar beeldjesgeluidjesschrappentoevoegen kan...
onnozeliteiten in combinatie met geniale misverstanden
maken het verschil...
het verschil is het bekoren van het kafferen scheiden...

dinsdag, oktober 19, 2004



in 2002-2003 i gave somes courses about filmmaking
at the rits, brussels
i wish it was at the ritz hotel

i think i wouldn't feel at ease at the ritz neither
but mostly, while giving courses,
i did wish i was somewhere else.
i'm not good at talking to several people at the same time
(no face-to-face, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart connection)
unless i know them and they know me
(emotionally, intellectualy and most of all stupid

and on top that i don't like school environments
just because they are school environments.
most of them surpassed their original function:
to cultivate,
to improve and prepare,
to fertilize,
to promote the growth of,
to nurture,
to foster,
to form,
to refine,
to seek the acquaintance,
to seek goodwill of
are more buried with keeping the institution alive.
you can check kroeber as part of my idea on institutionalization.
at Hatch Dynamics Organizational Culture
Kroeber offered an interesting challenge to contemporary institutional theory in sociology and organization studies. Whereas institutional theory presents institutions as explanations of cultural conservatism, Kroeber maintained that they are merely artifacts. Moreover, most institutionalists argue that institutions maintain and transfer knowledge and meaning from one generation to the next (see Zucker’s 1977 experiments on the institutionalization of norms in work groups) whereas Kroeber’s views suggest that institutionalization is a process by which knowledge and meaning are lost. Kroeber’s theory makes institutions complicit in the decline of particular cultural patterns. When you look at institutions you look into the past without much hope of recovering the meanings that once made these fossilized cultural patterns flourish. While such a view is perhaps unnecessarily contentious, it does suggest distinguishing between cultural meaning and the institutions (i.e., structures or forms) a society produces. It is in this sense that I see Kroeber as offering a dynamic view of culture in which certain practices move from the domain of change (florescence) to that of stability (institutionalization).

i didn't like giving courses
so my way of cultivating was provoking them
to the autodidactic.
what follows are the imagesoundeditlinks
i gave on 210603
to those people who attented those weird courses i gave.
i did not refresh the links
so some might be outdated
but i think still worthwhile to take a look at
if you are interested in cinemascope.

www.aaton.com/ - camera, in-camera time recording, Super16, and built-in video-assist.
www.arri.com/ - camera/lightning/filmrecording/film projection
www.movie-camera.com/ - list of old cameras
www.super8.nl/ - a dutch super8 site
www.panasonic-broadcast.com - professional broadcast video technology www.thomsongrassvalley.com/ - standard- and high definition cameras
www.ikegami.com/ standard- and high definition cameras
pro.jvc.com/ - digital broadcast and digital systems
www.canon-europa.com/ - imaging products and solutions for the digital home and office
www.hitachi-denshi.de/ - Broadcast Cameras/Professional Cameras/PAN / TILT Systems/Spezial-Applications/ Camera Accessories

www.cookeoptics.com/ - a legacy of superior and innovative lens design and manufacture under the Cooke name that continued throughout the 20th century beginning with still portrait, telephoto and process lenses, through the development of acclaimed Cooke cine and television lenses, and continues today by Cooke Optics Limited, with award-winning 35mm cine prime and zoom lenses.
www.angenieux.com/ - is specialised in High Technologic Optics applied to Broadcast & Film Industries, Infra-red & Near Infra-red goggles, high precision modules
www.digiprimes.com/ - DigiPrime® lenses developed by Carl Zeiss, the permiere creator of cine lenses
www.sachtler.com/ - tripods in carbon fibre and aluminium, 5 pedestals, 15 fluid heads for Industrial, ENG, EFP, OB, Studio and Film applications , the lighting and suspension range includes daylight and tungsten, open face and Fresnel fixtures from the tiny little on-camera Reporter 20 up to 4000 watt location lights.
www.tiffen.com/ - manufacturer of glass filters for still, video and motion Picture/Television photography. product line also includes Tripods, Lens Accessories, Bags and Digital Camera Accessories, flash brackets, easels and more.
www.panther.tv - stands for camera support systems such as camera cranes and dollies etc. Panther also means tradition, experience, know-how and perfection. The innovative strength of Panther and the high quality of their products influenced the whole film industry in the early 80s.
www.movietech.de - leading manufactures of camera-dolly and crane systems for the movie industry in Europe.
www.telemetricsinc.com/ - computer controlled and programmable pan/tilt mechanisms, trolley systems and weatherproof camera systems provide the highest degrees of performance, quality and cost-efficiency.
www.glidecam.com/ - manufacturer of camera stabilization systems and accessories, for use by both film and video makers
www.steadicam.com/ - camera stabilizing
www.spacecam.com/ - gyro-stabilized cinematography.
www.jlfisher.com/ - booms, bases, dollies, peds and heads
www.miller.com.au/ - professional fluid heads and tripods for film and television
www.rollvision.com/ - wireless systems for film and videom gyro-stabilized camera system
www.cartoni.com/ - a wide range of Fluid Heads for both Video ad Film applications. Professional Tripods are the ideal mates for all CARTONI Fluid Heads. CARTONI MINI JIB
www.artemis-hd.com/ - new artemis camera stabilizing system by Sachtler is a modern modular system built to meet the high demands of today’s film and video productions.
www.christiedigital.com/ - range of projectors and integrated projection systems for every application and budget
www.avicatech.com/ - development of digital cinema tools, creating products that allow your business to take full advantage of the latest technology.
www.portabrace.com/ designers and manufacturers of field cases for professional video, audio and film production equipment. Professional equipment includes video cameras, audio mixers, recorders, field monitors, production and lighting equipmen
www.petrolbags.com/ - - camera bags
www.antonbauer.com/ - battery is an Anton/Bauer system that allows you to work the way you need to, with unmatched features, performance, service life and value.
www.sekonic.com/ - digital radio communication between exposure meters, cameras, flash units and PocketWizards.

www.adb.be/ - Airfield and Theatre and Television Studio lighting equipment
www.photonbeard.com/ - manufacturers of Portable Tungsten and Studio Fluorescent Lighting to the Broadcast industry
www.jemlighting.com/ - Jem Studio Lighting products to the entertainment and motion picture industry.
www.kinoflo.com/ - specialize in providing easily attainable soft light — similar to what you’d find when sunshine reflects off a white wall, or when a candle shines brightly through a paper lantern.
www.martin.dk/ - producer and distributor of computer controlled lighting, also called "intelligent lighting", high technology luminaires utilized throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. Martin also produces Mach speaker systems and Jem smoke machines giving the company the ability to offer a complete entertainment package.

www.adamwilt.com/DV-FAQ-tech.html - the dv, dvcam, & dvcpro formats • faq - timecode, editing, codecs
www.ampex.com - high quality Data Storage Products
www.barco.com - designs and develops solutions for large-screen projection, visualization solutions for life-critical decision making, and optical systems for visual inspection
www.discreet.com - cleaner/streaming media encoding
www.dv.com - production, postproduction and delivery of digital video
www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html - dvd frequently asked questions (and answers)
www.henninger.com/library/hdtvfilm - film formats and hd tv: a case for future-proof standard
www.hut.fi~iisakkil/videoformats.html - video recording formats
pro.jvc.com - digital broadcast & professional systems
www.pro.sony-europe.com broadcast television, corporate and multimedia products. web/motion picture/high-definition/video monitors/digital effects
www.uemedia.com/CPC/videography - the daily video resource

www.alegria.com/tig3 - a community of professionals, students, cosmopolites and hangers-on interested in the telecine process. this website serves as a collection point and reference for telecine materials available on the internet
www.celco.com - digital motion picture recording
www.cinesite.com - conversion services between film and digital formats/a kodak company
www.cinelab.com/tour.shtml - virtual tour of cine lab. how to process and print your film.
www.city-net.com%7Efodder/edit/art1.html - the art of splicing
www.davsys.com - color image and automatic film and video restoration technology
www.factsaboutfilm.com/abelparts/S16Guide/s16guideframeset.html - a practical s16 guide www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epartners/MPHomePage.jsp - professional motion picture products
www.kodak.be/BE/nl/motion/index.shtml - professional motion picture products
www.super8.nl - a dutch super8 site about film making and film processing
www.thomsongrassvalley.com/products/film/spirit_4k/ - digital motion picture recording

www.amps.net - organisation of film and television sound technicians based in the uk. constituted to raise the standards and improve the professionalism of the craft. attract wide discussion on professional film and television sound related subjects.
www.audiodirectory.nl - worldwide pro audio directory
www.digidesign.com - digital audio production systems. provides the professional music, broadcast, multimedia and film industries with tools for creation, production, collaboration and distribution.
www.dolby.com - audio signal processing systems and manufactures professional equipment to implement these technologies in the motion picture, broadcasting, and music recording industries
www.filmsound.org - dedicated to the art and analyses of film sound www.ideabuzz.com/cas - a proper channel of communication between the related sound crafts and between those instrumental to the production and distribution of film and television soundtracks.
www.marblehead.net/foley - a tutorial designed to educate and inspire those interested in the craft of film sound effects
www.mpse.org/home.html - motion picture sound editors web
www.sound-ideas.com - sound fx & music
www.thx.com - picture and sound quality for cinemas, mixing studios, home theatres, DVDs, multimedia products

www.adobe.com/products/premiere - adobe premiere
www.apple.com/benl/finalcutpro - final cut pro
www.avid.be - xpress (dv)/composer/symphony/DS!HD
www.discreet.com - inferno/flint/flame/fire/smoke
www.lwks.com - lightworks
www.media100.com - media 100i
www.quantel.com - iQ/eQ/henry infinity

www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects - after effects/core compositing, animation, and effects tools.
www.apple.com/benl/cinematools - enhances final cut pro 24fps editing capabilities with support for film cut lists and 24-frame edit decision lists (edls) for high-definition (hd) video.
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www.discreet.com - combustion
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www.media100.com/844x.asp - editing and compositing integrated into a single system—real-time processing complete with 10-bit precision throughout
www.pinnaclesys.com - supplier of video editing solutions, real-time video content creation and distribution tools/commotion
www.redgiantsoftware.com - magic bullet suite/knoll light factory/
www.ultimatte.com - advantedge plug-in for adobe, apple, avid, and discreet offers an unparalleled method of combining multi-frame images to produce a composited sequence of images.

www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/main.html - quality images for print, web and movies
www.fontfreak.com - free-/shareware font archive

www.amazon.com - online bookstore
www.bh.com/focalbooks - online bookstore specialized in film, television and theatre
www.digitalpostproduction.com - a digital media net community
www.postmagazine.com/post - where technolgy and talent meet
www.uemedia.com/CPC/cinematographer - the daily cinematography resource
www.uemedia.com/CPC/editorsnet/index.shtml - art, technology & business of film & video editing
www.uemedia.com/CPC/postindustry - the daily post industry resource
videosystems.com - shoot, edit,display,integrate
www.atomfilms.com - broadcast the world's largest collection of short film and animation, along with coverage of independent productions, emerging artists, and the creative lifestyle.
www.bfi.org.uk/home.htm - the british film instute
www.cinematography.com professional motion picture camera people, news and resources
www.dma.be/cvb/as/index.htm - andere sinema - vlaams tijdschrift over nieuwe media
www.filmwise.com - feature movie quotes, unique text and visual quizzes, contests and the infamous Invisibles!
home.tvd.be/ws36069/filmlinks.htm - film- en theaterlinks
www.imdb.com - most used internet movie database
www.filmfestivals.com/index.shtml - most used filmfestivals database & news
www.jamesarnett.com/sections.html - guide book for guerilla filmmakers
www.kutsite.com - liefde voor de film
www.moviegids.be - interactieve filmgids
www.moviemaker.com - the art and business of movie making
www.rottentomatoes.com - movie reviews and previews
link.bubl.ac.uk/films - Catalogue of selected Internet resources
www.cinemaweb.com/silentfilm - links to Websites with Silent Film Resources

www.amazon.com - online bookstore
www.bh.com/focalbooks - online bookstore specialized in film, television and theatre
www.digitalpostproduction.com - a digital media net community
www.postmagazine.com/post - where technolgy and talent meet
www.uemedia.com/CPC/cinematographer - the daily cinematography resource
www.uemedia.com/CPC/editorsnet/index.shtml - art, technology & business of film & video editing
www.uemedia.com/CPC/postindustry - the daily post industry resource
videosystems.com - shoot, edit,display,integrate
www.atomfilms.com - broadcast the world's largest collection of short film and animation, along with coverage of independent productions, emerging artists, and the creative lifestyle.
www.bfi.org.uk/home.htm - the british film instute
www.cinematography.com professional motion picture camera people, news and resources
www.dma.be/cvb/as/index.htm - andere sinema - vlaams tijdschrift over nieuwe media
www.filmwise.com - feature movie quotes, unique text and visual quizzes, contests and the infamous Invisibles!
home.tvd.be/ws36069/filmlinks.htm - film- en theaterlinks
www.imdb.com - most used internet movie database
www.filmfestivals.com/index.shtml - most used filmfestivals database & news
www.jamesarnett.com/sections.html - guide book for guerilla filmmakers
www.kutsite.com - liefde voor de film
www.moviegids.be - interactieve filmgids
www.moviemaker.com - the art and business of movie making
www.rottentomatoes.com - movie reviews and previews
link.bubl.ac.uk/films - Catalogue of selected Internet resources
www.cinemaweb.com/silentfilm - links to Websites with Silent Film Resources

www.ampli.be - sound and light equipment
arc.cinevideo @ skynet.be - cinema equipment
www.kgs.be - renting grip-equipment
grikaros – grip
bfcrental @ hotmail.com - cinema equipment
eff brussels - lighting
www.k-light.be - lighting
lites facs – lighting, video rental

www.ams-video.com - sales & rental video pro & broadcast
www.athalys.com - see also ams video
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www.a-sound.com/index1.htm - sound-for-picture work
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www.louease.be - sound post production services/foley
www.masda.be - music and sound design for radio, film and television
senjan @ senstudio.be
www.studio-equipe.be - sound Planning, Studio D1, Optical Transfer

www.4etechnology.be - sales, installation, repair, maintenance and updating of professional video and audio equipment. planning and design of video- and audiosystems.
www.doubleprecision.be - installation and support of digital editing studio
www.studiotech-av.com - distribution, sales, installation and after-sales servicing of professional audio and video equipment. designs and installs turnkey projects such as recording and mixing studios, editing suites

www.av.be - vakblad voor de audiovisuele sector
creativebook.pub.be - creative book of belgium
www.filmarchief.be/nl/lien.htm - filmsites from the belgian film archive
www.flanders-image.com/index_nl.html - flemish film guide
www.keynet.be - guide for movie and television production in belgium
www.vaf.be - vlaams audiovisueel fonds
www.cinebel.be -
www.filmstart.nl/link/productie.htm - productie in nederland
www.cinergie.be - Revue et l'Annuaire du Cinéma en Communauté Française de Belgique

maandag, oktober 18, 2004


krisis/en crise

in 1982 gepubliceerd.
krisis in de belgische film/le film belge en crise.
door donut productions.

dit boek wil zich als doel stellen om een totaalbeeld te schetsen van wat filmproduktie in belgië is en wat het zou kunnen zijn aan de hand van teksten en interviews van en met gevestigde waarden en debuterende kineasten.

onzin wordt verkocht als waarheid, zere tenen worden verpletterd, en toch worden er nagels met koppen geslagen.
het boek wil het gesprek dat te dikwijls uitgesteld wordt eindelijk eens op gang brengen.

ce livre a pour but d'esquisser une image totale de qu'est la production du film en belgique et ce que cela pourrait être d'après les textes et interviews de et avec des valeurs établis et des jeunes cinéastes.
L'absurdité y est vendue comme vérité, des orteils douloureux y sont écrasés, et pourtant on y raconte des vérités. Le présent ouvrage désire qu'un entretien trop souvent remis soit enfin mis en route.

niet veel veranderd.
nog altijd handelen alsof in crisistijd.
soms zo bevlogen als geen ander.
soms gekortwiekt als elk ander.
zoeken en vinden.
eenmaal gevonden, verder zoeken...

vrijdag, oktober 15, 2004


copy-pasta al dente

i like links/associations.
but we're spoiled...
the non-clickable links cause irritation...
effortless associations are easily forgotten.
when you copy on purpose,
the paste will be al dente...


roll over beethoven

roll over beethoven!
pistolpetepetrovski said 'the man who gave new meaning to "lights! camera! roll!'
As we watch Chuck Berry perform "Roll Over Beethoven" for this film, it is interesting to note that he actually introduced his famous "duck walk"http://www.domainedelintillac-paris.com/ http://www.resto.com/domainedelintillac/ at the Paramount — he delighted the audience as he danced pigeon-toed straight out in front like a fin.
including alan freed, zappa, jerry lee lewis.
great balls on fire!



in worst case,
there are scenarios...


> ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun)

> ser*en*dip*i*ty ~ (noun) First appeared 1754:
> the faculty or phenomenon of finding
> valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
> Major kinds of processes which lead to new ideas and theories involve
> involuntary elements. This include the mechanism of generating associations,
> the incubation process which ends up with the eureka event, the synchronic
> process of epistemic cooperation and the diachronic-historical process of
> borrowing and developing ideas and theories. Traditionally, method-governed
> discovery has been contrasted with so-called 'chance discovery'. The notion
> of 'chance' or 'accidential' discovery is employed whenever the process of
> discovery is unintentional. But this does not mean that there is no
> explanation for this kind of discovery. The process of discovery may be
> law-governed rather than method-governed, or may be integrated within a deep
> theory. In these cases, the discoverer can only cultivate or foster the
> process. Cultivation can be guided by recommendations for the discoverer.
> Following the phrase "chance favours the prepared mind", coined by Louis
> Pasteur, we may interpret cultivation as preparing the mind for taking
> advantage of serendipity, tinkering and unexpected discovery. These norms
> and recommendations will be derived, for example, from the psychological and
> sociological theories of discovery.

donderdag, oktober 14, 2004



1. the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
2. life of pi
3. da vinci code
4. the poisonwood bible
5. the hackers di·ar·rhoe·as: confessions of teenage hackers
6. hunger

in disorder of appearance...


film used as a reference to creativity

Feature films are the re-
sult of years of scienti-
fic study combined with
the experience of years.

Look it up:

maandag, oktober 11, 2004


antithese - synthese

breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, ...

This philosopy is based upon the ideal of Balance between the forces of Chaos and Order. The symbols of this Balance are many, like the YinYang symbol on the Korean Flag or the entwined serpents used as a symbol of medicine.
Each of the two forces of Chaos and Order has three principles:
* Chaos underlies the principles of Tolerance, Enthusiasm and Emotion,
* while Order gives rise to Ethicality, Discipline and Logic.

When in balance with each other, these principles combine to produce the three united principles of Balance: Harmony, Dedication and Rationality.
* Tolerance and Ethicality formed Harmony,
* Enthusiasm and Discipline formed Dedication, and
* Emotion and Logic formed Rationality.

To achieve these ideals, you must keep the forces of chaos and order in Balance.
( from Chaos Theory )

1 billion Chinese can't be wrong.


chaos is structuring the chaos

whichwhowhatwhywhenwhere is structuring?
whichwhowhatwhywhenwhere is chaoscosmoscoming?
chaos n 1: a state of extreme confusion and disorder [syn: pandemonium, bedlam, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness] 2: the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos 3: (Greek mythology) the most ancient of gods; the personification of the infinity of space preceding creation of the universe [syn: Chaos] 4: (physics) a dynamical system that is extremely sensitive to its initial conditions
i like 4.
and 2.
3? of course. preceding creation of the/a universe.
i again.


je filmcuisine donc je suis ou je suis?

je cuisine donc je suis.
et elle/il?
il/elle cuisine.
je suis.
ou je suis?

my opinion?
in the kitchen characters open and close themselves.
certainly in west-european infinite extensions of the three-dimensional region in which all matter exists...
the kitchen...
the culinary as the expression of the intellectualsavourysoul...

put people together in a kitchen
and you see characters.
or closing.
behaving uneasly,
moving as if at home (concurrence, english)
or strangely (concurrence, français)

another thing before i finish.
now and then i use a wheelchair.
i have to use it when i'm not sleeping.
a least when i'm not lying down.
otherwise movements can take ages.
and the kitchen needs rapid movements.

i'll tell you
la cuisine is not that simple
when you're pressure-cooking
with a wheelchair downunder your butt.

cooking is expecting
the vegetable, the pasta, the meat, the fish, etcetera
acting accordingly to your timing
and to act accordingly its capability to be tasteful.

most of all cooking is timing.
and i don't mean timing with a timer.
i mean timing as an interval separating two points in a continuum.
the raw ending in the being treated as such?
i think so.
you regard the raw,
you expect to finish with a touch.
timingtime is in between.

so, you start cooking.
it's a chaoticstructure if you have legs.
it's a chaoticchaosstructurechaos if you can't run around.
then you have to trust people...
no way.
to succeed in accomplishing or achieving, especially with difficulty; contrive or arrange...
trusting the taste, the accelleration, the sharing...
cooking indeed...
no chef...
a zeal ought to be composed of the highest degrees of all pious affection...

Emmanuelle Coureault - philosophie des goûts


ellektra. elektriciteit in de vlaamsche cinema?

laten we welwezen. kbeken. kben een beetje kwaad. kben een beetje woedendwoelend. en het kan me tergelijkertijd wezenlijk niet schelen. maar toch dat onderhuidse. ktyp ditgene voor mijn neefje van drie. ktyp dit voor mijn nichtje van twaalf. mogelijk ver-dichte filmwezentjes. in tv-film-web-spelzin. dat zullen we dan wel zien. dat zullen zij dan wel zien en meebepalen.
nu is het aan ons om te zien en te bepalen.
we hoeven geen superego’s en ook geen bemeestering.
mensen spreken over hart en ziel,
laat ze het dan sprekenfilmenschrijvenzingendansen.
met risico.
met durfvoorzichtigheid in de bochten.
veel wijst zichzelf uit, zonder wijzende vinger.
knijp even in de bil van een slapende geliefde
en dan weet je weer waar het over gaat:
de juiste spanning.
de juiste voltage.
het elektrische geeft geen magische kortsluiting.
maar toch.
bij toeval de openingsfilm van het filmfestival gent 2004 gezien,
ierse ira emo tv film pur sang.
als ik moet kiezen, kies ik voor ellektra met haar gebreken
en haar gedurfdheden die soms struikelen
maar ook trachten stand te houden tegen de mainstream.
opiniemakers zijn er om opinies te maken.
filmmakers zijn er om films te maken.
laat het zeveren over aan de professionele zeveraars.
en laat de film over aan de welwillende filmmakers.
onder voorbehoud voor onderhoud.
door giften van en voor het publiek.
laten we welwezen.
andere lijn.

zondag, oktober 10, 2004



zijt gij
de zoveelste van de zovelen?
of zijt gij
van diegenen?
toch welkom.
maar laat weten als ge langs wilt komen.
soms tevelen van de zovelen.
soms geenéén.
en mijn absorptievermogen
hangt af van de laatst afgereden dagen,
de hic-et-nuncgemoedsdag zelf
en de opkomende zondagen.
het is maar dat ge het weet,


trippin' dick dale

trippin' dick dale/ beachdreaming away beach boys
3 weeks ago vinyl toekopuwsmoel was at a late summer bbq.
he had a t-shirt of a dick dale tour sweatglueing on his blisteringbody.
we decided to have a little inquiry.
strangely almost nobody at the bbq knew dick dale.
only lieven did.
of course.
but what a relief nobody else knew.
it meant that
tarantino - pulp fiction
wasn't that good.
only the gateway for the resurrection of dick dale
it has its magnificent status
for the true musicloverboys.
cause you have to know:
while the beach boys where staying at the beach,
(de beste stuurlui staan aan wal)
dick dale and his deltones were surfin'.
while wacko wilson was watchtripping people surfing,
dick dale was trippin'.
trippin' indeed.

my compilations recommendations :
1. REVENGE OF THE SURF INSTRUMENTALS (CD), MCA 19282, 1995 US, Boss/Angry Sea (Weimea)
with dick dale & the del tones, the surfaris, the ventures, the rumblers, the chantays, etc.

with dick dale & del-tones, the surfaris, the chantays, the astronauts, etc.

and a tribute to GENIOUS VINCENT
for his bebopalularockabillybasics...
ain't that too much gene?
it certainly is.
too much.
and vinyl&i like more of the same.

thanks vinyl for the reminder.
next time a toekopuwsmoel!

next musicblog on the cramps & screamin' lord sutch & the legendary stardust cowboy.
be prepared.


filmfilostoverij? what the *uck?

many people wonder what filmfilostoverij means.
the recipe:

ingrediënten per eenheid:
gemiddeld 65 kg mensenvlees
3 snedige one-liners, ongestreken.
1 reep plastron.
iets meer alcohol dan datgeen ieder respectievelijke eenheid kan vatten.
(kan ook met non-alcoholisch spoelmiddel)
kopje water
gepeperde filmpraat & zoetzoute grilligheid

brein bruisen, vlees goed aankleuren en deodorant aan toevoegen. kopje water en bloed doen zweten. dit alles door verschillende eenheden in een drankpand samen te brengen om dan direct alcohol aan toe te voegen (kan ook met non-alcoholica, let dan wel op voor een aangebrand pleebisciet). een uur of 4 het brein zachtjes laten filmstoven met dak op het pand, sleutel op de deur en notenmuziek op half negen. toogfilosofie aan toetoveren en goeddoorflirtroeren. dan binden met gezweefd bloedverwantschap. nog een paar uurtjes laten doorpruttelen om de goede smaak weg te krijgen. en klaar is kees. je kan er eventueel ook gedroogde pruimpjes aan toevoegen.

extra tip:
als je het een dag tevoren voorbereidt is het nog lekkerder!


(met dank aan: PM3-receptensite)

donderdag, oktober 07, 2004


een avondje filmfilostoverijen

bij deze weze u uitgenodigd voor een avondje filmfilostoverijen
gedrenkt in aanspraakmakende alcohol en/of wulps spreekgestoelte
fictie en non-fictie
alcohol en non-alcohol.
aan de vrouw/man brengen.
om mogelijke frustraties de kop in te drukken...
om de goesting te behouden...
om weet te hebben van elkaar...
misschien éénmalig...
misschien maandelijks vanaf dan.
maakt niet uit.
die enige eerste keer uniekbelangrijk.
dat we zonder reden.
maar ook zonder toeval.
een klapke met elkaar delen.
had dat graag wilen instigeren.
(volgens prisma:
instig/a'tie v aansporing.
-e'ren aandrijven.
het is maar dat zowel ik als u weten
dat vanaf die avond
de volgende avonden vanuit zichzelve moeten voortkomen
of zullen uitdoven)
ik val in herhaling:
had dat graag willen instigeren.
uit filmprincipieelperspectief.
en uit kantiaanskatholiek beloftemaaktschuldbesef.
wat er verder van wordt
zullen we wel zien zei de dove
terwijl hij de ogen van de blinde bedekte.

als ge een vinylschijf of een cdplaat wil draaien,
neem er dan ééntje (ééntje zeg ik u, geen twee) mee.
er zal een mini-discobar zijn.
uit den boze: bliepende gsm's , scenario's, portables, videoschermen, boeken, verborgen agenda's of wat dan ook.
er zullen bierkaartjes en ikea-potloodjes liggen om namen en gezever te noteren.
als geheugensteun of als bewijsmateriaal.

opgelet! opgelet!
wel éénbepaalde dresscode en bloemcode:
een plastron.
hoe en waar de plastron geknoopt is heeft gn belang.
binnenstebuitenlangs de enkel.
of vastgenaaid aan de broek.
of met gaffertape op het achterhoofd geplakt.
het zijn possibiliteiten.
en één bloempje meebrengen.
ééntje maar.

ik ( wie?) zal er zowiezo zijn.
maar niet anders als elk ander.
gelieve me dan ook niet aan te spreken als arrangeur.
gelieve mij niet lastig te vallen.
ik zal proberen u ook niet lastig te vallen.
tot kortbinnen misschien,
geef een rieplaaikje als ge denkt te passeren,
(mocht ge nog denken aan wezens die niet vies zijn
van een plastron voor de goede filmzaak,
forward gerust met aandrang.)
met dank aan pistol petepete.

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