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the real film noirs, the real femme fatale with the short guy: veronica lake & alan ladd. This Gun for Hire/The Blue Dahlia

look for yourself
veronica lake, la femme fatale du film noir without discussion veronica lake gallery, wowie
http://silverscreensirens.com/ look and wonder how those film sirens can exist
alan ladd, the guy with the biggest cradle without discussion
This Gun for Hire/The Blue Dahlia
(1942/1946) The perfect model for a movie actor is a short person with a big head. Alan Ladd fit these specs as if he were designed by special order. The small but fierce Ladd starts off the Stanford's excellent film noir/pre-Code festival in two films with his equally diminutive lead, Veronica Lake. In This Gun for Hire (somewhat based on a Graham Greene novel), Ladd plays a cat-loving hit man who goes up against Nazi collaborators under the nervous protection of ace villain Laird Cregar. A little amoral blonde singer at Cregar's club (Lake) confuses matters. BILLED WITH The Blue Dahlia, the better picture. It deals with a pair of army buddies who return from World War II to a dismal new life. Ladd's wife (Doris Dowling) is sleeping around, and his child is dead, thanks to her negligence; his buddy Buzz (William Bendix, never better) has a plate in his head that gives him violent headaches and potentially murderous spells whenever the music gets too loud. The script is by Raymond Chandler, but the cop-out ending is strictly from Hollywood. (RvB)

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misfits marilyn monroe miller clark gable huston

misfitted but anyway. hey they are mentioned
the movie Year: 1961 Genre:Drama Length:2:04 Directed by: John Huston Written by: Arthur Miller
Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe -- in their last screen roles -- star with Montgomery Clift in this piercing drama about contrasting attitudes and lifestyles set against the brawling backdrop of a Reno rodeo.

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Word of the Day for Saturday April 8, 2006

bonhomie \bah-nuh-MEE\, noun:
Good nature; pleasant and easy manner.

From: doctor@dictionary.com
Subject: bonhomie: Dictionary.com Word of the Day
Date: 8 april 2006 09:00:01 GMT+02:00

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the thrill has gone by chet baker

donderdag, april 06, 2006

eigen aan mij
het believen maar eigenwezen
waarom excus-eren?
i excuseert zich niet
hij execut-eert zich al genoeg.
de stoutmoedigheid ingegeven.
de braafheid zelve. indien...
ik hoef niet meer,
zijzijn meer dan genoeg...





word of the day by doctor@dictionary.com

From: doctor@dictionary.com
Subject: hobbledehoy: Dictionary.com Word of the Day
Date: 6 april 2006 09:00:00 GMT+02:00
To: ief@quasi-modo.be
Reply-To: doctor@dictionary.com
Word of the Day for Thursday April 6, 2006

hobbledehoy \HOB-uhl-dee-hoy\, noun:
An awkward, gawky young fellow.

For early on, girls become aware -- as much from their
fathers' anguished bellows of "You're not going out dressed
like that, Miss" as from the buffoonish reactions of the
spotty hobbledehoys at the end-of-term disco -- of the
power of clothes to seduce.
-- Jane Shilling, "Soft-centred punk", [1]Times (London),
October 27, 2000

His memories, even only reveries, of incomparable women,
made me feel like a hulking hobbledehoy.
-- Edith Anderson, [2]Love in Exile


blue note verve

the note is blue
blue note history
blue note is blue note
but don't overpass the verve


we're into a jazz verve

jazz history
verven geblazen


too.strong.or.too.stupid? i'm apple.i'm mac.i'm stuck.

too.strong.or.too.stupid? i'm apple. g3,g4,g5, i'macs van alle tijden. i-books van alle tijden. geen powerbooks, watwehadden was sterk genoeg. de mooiste tangerine. maar wel met airport. lang voor wi-fi in was. Toen zeker. Nu wi-fi beperkt door haar onzekerheid... Ik geen geek maar een gebruiker. Een gebruiker die grotendeels weet maar de rest wilweten voor simpelgebruik. Mac/Apple voldoet grotendeels. Maar i-pod is een wegwijzer in de zin van weg. gelukkig mini-mac's. en de nieuwe i-mac's. een echt appeltje is altijd fijn meegenomen...


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Your comment is awaiting moderation.
  1. wel. niet gekeken. al meer dan een jaar gn kabel. ik nog altijdeenpeliculemens. maar wel lezend wat anderen vinden van de te videoverwachtende ‘dingen’. ondertussen verderwerkend zonder viavertellend maar trachtend zelfvindendverhalend. wezullenzien. via een bewegende camera. niet via personages, via mensen, niet meer en niet minder. en dan is het kwestie van het levendige levend te houden. geef tijd en wat geld en dan zullen we zien. in beider perspect-ief… gn s-8, gn s-16, wel s-35 in scope want dat is het ware filmwezen als je laat begaan en laat inwerken op de juiste momenten… laat mij met anderen geloven… eat bij-voorbeeld… bingo voor kortfilm zonder lotto...

    ief at April 6th, 2006 around 1:39 am
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in the IEF framework the medium (“the solvent”) is represented by a continuous medium characterized by some specific macroscopic physical properties, in particular its dielectric permittivity. the molecular system under scrutiny (“the solute”) is assumed to be immersed in such continuous medium, or better in a cavity of proper form and dimension (the molecular cavity) created inside it.
i admits


miles davis & filmographie & l'ascenseur & lift

Corría el año 1957, y Miles Davis estaba en el entonces punto culminante de su carrera, tras haber grabado el año anterior las sesiones de su primer gran quinteto (con John Coltrane) y, en el presente, haberse enfrentado a una original formación orquestal a cargo de Gil Evans en Miles Ahead.

La popularidad de Miles en Europa era cada vez mayor, y a finales de año fue invitado a ofrecer una serie de conciertos en París a cargo de un combo en su mayoría local que conformaban Barney Wilen (saxo tenor), René Urtreger (piano), Pierre Michelot (contrabajo) y el americano Kenny Clarke (batería). Cuando el trompetista llegó al aeropuerto parisino allí se encontraba esperándole uno de sus mayores fans: el director de cine Louis Malle. Malle estaba trabajando en su largometraje L’Ascenseur por L’Echafaud ("Ascensor hacia la horca"), y aprovechó la visita de Davis para solicitarle grabar la banda sonora de la película. Miles aceptó, y con ese gesto abrió la puerta a uno de los proyectos que más iba a aportar a su música, a su búsqueda y al jazz en general....

l'ascensceur/de lift voor nederlandstaligen


bukowski / the great slob

The Great Slob (from "Septuagenarian Stew" 1994)

I was always a natural slob
I liked to lay upon the bed
in undershirt (stained, of
course) (and with cigarette
shoes off
beerbottle in hand
trying to shake off a
difficult night, say with a
woman still around
walking the floor
complaining about this and
and I'd work up a
belch and say, "HEY, YOU DON'T

I really loved myself, I
really loved my slob-
self, and
they seemed to also:
always leaving
but almost

the real bukowski!
an intro to buk


sketches of miles davis' pain



coltrane / hot supreme

supremesimplecomplexity of a master of jazz. my favorites the ones with wicca names: Aisha & Naima. and the Supreme are the Ultimate. a perfectomento coltranecompilation



Juzo Itami, the director of the Japanese film "Tampopo," may be the most impenitent hedonist the movies have ever seen. As a filmmaker, he revels in sensual pleasure, and the spirit of his film is exultant, orgiastic. The movie has been described elsewhere as "Zen and the Art of Noodle-making," but its spirit couldn't be less Zen-like. Itami isn't interested in detachment. He's a zesty, immoderate connoisseur of pleasure-taking in all its forms -- food, sex, movies -- and he jumbles them all together here into a hilarious concoction. It's half movie, half dessert-topping -- a film gourmand's lusty dream... read further: By Hal Hinson, Washington Post Staff Writer, June 17, 1987

(1986) Juzo Itami's comedy about the endless human desire for food is full of delightful interludes, including a small child's first introduction to the delights of an ice cream cone after a strict health-food upbring. (MSG) by http://www.metroactive.com/movies/capsule-ta.html


the greatest? it depends...

not always the greatest but quite ok


alchemy /texts / symbols / art / basics / gothic



the loneliness of a long distance runner

the loneliness of a long distance runner

dinsdag, april 04, 2006


moviemaking / you & other / moneymoney

makingmovies is simple


but fightfor your right and for the right of the other
and it will be

a lot of films have shown their fightfor money and makingmovies
their fight for payingpeople who want to help making the movie
their fight for hiring and buying film mechanisms and pelicul

we also trying. or we go down to hell. or we go up to filmheaven with angelus...



Nobelprisvinderen Knut Hamsuns mytiske bøger bliver med tiden ikke forældede eller uaktuelle. De har tværtimod vundet kampen med tiden og er blevet uforklarligt moderne...

Knut Hamsun Lever!

Information 21-11-2005
På vandring med vores tanker møder vi igen Hamsun. Fæstnet dybt i vores indre væsen rører han os stadig.

Sagt om Hamsun (Sep 2005)
Nye Hamsunbilleder (Juni 2005)
Uddrag fra Mysterier (Mar 2005)
Alle Hamsuns bøger - detaljeret oversigt (Okt 2004)

Norske konge tilgiver Hamsun (Nov. 2003)
Jeg bukker mig for mange års pres med en kort artikel om Hamsuns forhold til nazismen (også på engelsk). Artiklen har jeg skrevet med det formål at kunne referere nye Hamsunlæsere til et kort og brugbart svar på dette komplekse spørgsmål, og samtidigt med det håb, at det polemiske kan stoppe dér. Hamsuns vante læsere bruger ikke meget energi på spørgsmålet.


ok. like che.

it will be che. met zijn gevaren...



with chromium
with didymium
the idiom...



hubris \HYOO-bruhs\, noun:
Overbearing pride or presumption.


you just have count to sev... puzzle-time my dear...onetwothreefourfivesixsev...



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