zondag, maart 12, 2006


photography. giorgio fiorio. a woman's glance at mankind.

bought two books cheapcheap in bibliopolis, rue lemonnier, brussels, belgium.
not secondhand. new.
fiorio- etre/ser torero - 1997
fiorio - hommes de la mer/men of the sea - 2001
and scroll down.
some pics

she surprised i.
she took i on the spot.
the spot that everybody knows
but not always encounters.
and the nakedness spotted i.

giorgio fiorio.
what a name.
she must be beautiful.
she must be.
i never wants to meet her.
unless by her graphs.

she takes men
into man·kind.
men as opposed to women
the women are hidden in their bodieseyes.
opposition in the opposition.
supression of the pressure.
opposition between the rough hairs sprouting out of the pores of mankind
and their sweetsoftnaked hidepatches as smooth as 19years374daysoldfemalevirginsskin.
oppositioncontrasts allover.
beautivulnerable eyes enclosed in powerful bodies.
the blacks are blacks, the white are whites.
the black/white chemistry of the old days.
in 1997 and in 2001.

between brackets:
(kind means 'child' in dutch.
boys will be boys.)

ser torero.
what does she says at the beginning?
à vous tous.
toda la vida ante la cara del toro.

that's nice.
but wait.
even more:
ce livre est dédié à ceux que j'ai eu la chance d'approcher et de photographier et aussi à ceux que je n'ai pas pu voir toréer.
ain't she nice, ain't she sweet,
look her over once or twice
now i asks you very confidentially,
ain't she nice?
(thank you genious vincent)
man kindwrestling nerves...
because the bull and the public awaits him/them.
roem of ondergang.
survival of the fittest.

hommes de la mer.
alla mamma.
she dedicates al men towards la mamma.
is this an electra complex or what?
if you want to know, you have to go to oedipus!
check http://www.wwnorton.com/college/psych/gman5/glossary/e.htm
mankind wrestlingwater.
the sea or the swimmingpool awaits them...
and their non-human inhabitants (even amoebes)...
seaswimming or downdrowning.
survival of the fittest.

sometimes the men poseweakbluffing,
sometimes naturalstronghonest.
only the strong survive.
because fiorio is a stranger in their natural surroundings.
sometimes you notice giorgio in the movements
or paralytic fixations of her men.
she's a woman in men's land.
no women's land on first hand.
not even on second hand.
a lot of respect noticable.
between fiorio and her subject(s).
the never ending double-entendre between woman-man?
the never ending double-regarder between man-woman?
between the picturetaker and the picturesubject?
who knows?
i don't.
because i was taken on the spot...

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