zaterdag, september 24, 2005


police squad! / zuckers / abrahams

* Each episode has two titles. What appears as the on-screen title differs from the voice-over narration title.
* The show contained on-screen act numbers after commercial breaks (Act I, Act II, etc.), with Act II being a gag title.
* Each week featured a special guest star who was killed in the opening credits, even before the credits finished.
* In each episode, Frank Drebin runs over a number of garbage cans equal to the episode number.
* Starting with the second episode and continuing with each episode, Frank Drebin would reel off a list of the criminals captured from previous episodes.
* During the closing credits, the cast would pretend to "freeze frame." However, coffee being poured into a cup would overflow onto a character's shoes, or Nordberg would enter the x not knowing to stand still.
* ABC wanted the show to have a laugh track, but Abrahams, Zucker, and Zucker wouldn't give in.
* Though he was in the opening credits, Rex Hamilton never appeared in any of the episodes.
hil a rious
in color
with sound!

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