donderdag, maart 31, 2005


micro or mac

go for quicktime.
otherwise you'll miss something

maandag, maart 28, 2005


misfits marilyn monroe miller clark gable huston

misfitted but anyway. hey they are mentioned

the movie Year: 1961 Genre:Drama Length:2:04 Directed by: John Huston Written by: Arthur Miller
Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe -- in their last screen roles -- star with Montgomery Clift in this piercing drama about contrasting attitudes and lifestyles set against the brawling backdrop of a Reno rodeo.


i'm in the mood and tom waits upon yu...

closing time

last 'song' instrumental called:
closing time
it starts with some mumbling
"ok... let's do one... for posterity"
you hear cracking of stools
and then:
closing time


moby maybe?

moby in a hotel somewhere
the same but niceflow



Amateur: Any golfer who plays the game for enjoyment and who does not receive direct monetary compensation due to his or her playing or teaching skills
me like to be an amateur in that way in cinematography. for enjoyment. not receiving direct monetary compensation. due to skills? the last one a bit tricky. me don't know if me am in that way an amateur or a pro. the three in a hole should give the answer. to a lot of people. and not only the answer, also the belief they (almost) always believed... being trustworthy sometimes hard to cope with... and sometimes lifting you up were it all happens


genitaal maar met te korte beentjes. boon.

daniël mr x
filmschrijven en schrappen
subsidies en zo
verchten voor elke eurocent
in geniettaal...
en hopelijk enige geniettaalmomentjes...
op de speling van het woord kijken wij nietna...
op die van het lot wel.
nu nog met beeld en klank.
met uw permissie


title unknown

title unknown
content not a secret
if you get into it...


me must be crazy. a preview...

a view de près...
not far away
if you looklisten closely
but look
and listen
and the viewfeeling will be there


title unknown content is secret

title unknown
content is secret

zaterdag, maart 26, 2005


just a picture... breastbreathtaking...


donderdag, maart 24, 2005



film as art
art and visual perception: a psychology of the creative eye

two awesome books
try to eye his creativity that's yours

the reindeer


alchemy /texts / symbols / art / basics / gothic



where do you meet angels?

in whispering trees...
angels in trip tych


leos carax/mauvais sang

les amants du pont-neuf
oui, ok
mauvais sang, ola, cinéma pure
little overview

ah oui


neurology of vision

the reticonocortical component of the vizual pathwar extends from the retina to the primary visual context. the retina converts focused light rays into neural signals and enhances the contrast between viewed objects and surroundings. these enhanced signals are then transmitted via the lateral geniculate body to the primary visual cortex, where luminance, color, and position features are seperately processed.
yep, that's the thing me always says to the barman to get a free drink...
it doesn't work...
instead he hits you like 5 whiskeys on the rocks in a row


kurosawa/spaghetti/western/did he ran?/shakespeare

he did ran!
and how.
... Akira Kurosawa’s Ran is that rare epic picture, at once enormous and intimate, simultaneously melodramatic and ... [click photos for larger versions] ...
a master at work
... In Ran, Kurosawa uses the inspiration of Shakespeare's Lear, ... screen pictures of arresting beauty that keep the complex storyline hypnotically clear. ...

ran (king lear)
... Ran (1985) is also a perfect capstone to Kurosawa's entire career (although he... (Some of Kurosawa's magnificent pictures – he was a painter before a ...

kurosawa and the spaghetti western



forget bogart&bacall, it's ladd&lake

Film noir with Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake in "The Blue Dahlia", 1946.



lars von trier / europa

von trier? that's europa...
discover if you already haven't
Spectacular film! Von Trier is one of our few great contemporary artists, and this film shows what he can really do without the (later) self-imposed restraints of the indy-uber-alles Dogma film manifesto – location shooting with no effects or enhancements, etc.. EUROPA is all an effect, capturing the feel of expressionistic B&W films better than David Lynch or anyone else. There are sets, models, and even some hand-tinted color effects. The opening alone is hard to top – the audience is LITERALLY hypnotized by Max Von Sydow's voice, and the voice recurs throughout the film taking the audience and protagonist to deeper and deeper levels of trance nightmare, as if Nazism is the underlying reality of Europe, or the essential nature of the subconscious. The plot: An American of German descent arrives in post-war Germany 1945 with little sense of how desperate a world he's entering. His uncle gets him a precious job on the Zentropa train line as a sleeping car conductor. Caught up in a convulsing society but he finds himself being used by both the Americans who are hunting left-over Nazis and the influential family that owns the railroad. After falling in love with the railroad magnate's daughter, he begins to lose his neutrality, as she draws him into the shadowy surviving Nazi terrorist underground of "The Werewolves." That's not as silly as it sounds – there really was a proto-nazi underground call The Werewolves.) Von Trier pitched a fit when EUROPA didn't win the Cannes Palm D'Or, but 1991 was a great year for movies. (EUROPA finished second only to BARTON FINK, a similar film that's even a tad better than this one. Von Trier had won Cannes Best Director the previous evening, for chrstsakes! Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Barbara Sukowa, Udo Kier, Erik Mørk, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Jørgen Reenberg, Henning Jensen, Eddie Constantine.
from cinebizarre
and also occulture


tarkovski/stalker/the first stalker!

Stalker (1979)
aka Сталкер (Soviet Union: Russian title)

Solyaris (1972)
aka Солярис (Soviet Union: Russian title)
aka Solaris (USA)

Andrei Rublyov (1969)
aka Андрей Рублё

green nostalhia
stricctly a film school


love is supreme. coltrane. master of jazz.

supremesimplecomplexity of a master of jazz. my favorites the ones with wicca names: Aisha & Naima. and the Supreme is the Ultimate. a perfectomento coltranecompilation


godard / masculine / feminine

PAULINE KAEL ON “MASCULINE FEMININE”Masculine Feminine is that rare movie achievement: a work of grace and beauty in a contemporary setting. Using neither crime nor the romance of crime but asimple romance for a kind of interwoven story line, Godard has, at last, created the form he needed... essay, journalistic sketches, portraiture, love lyric and satire.


the marx brothers

filmcosmonism aprés la lettre
Go, and never darken my towels again.

I sent the club a wire stating,

the grouchogrotesquequotes


maybe going west... with mae...

Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution.
Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried.
When women go wrong, men go right after them.
When I'm good, I'm very, very good. When I'm bad, I'm better.
I feel like a million tonight --- but one at a time.
Women with pasts interest men... they hope history will repeat itself.
It is better to be looked over than overlooked.
It's not the men in my life that count, it's the life in my men.
Loves conquers all things except poverty and toothache.
I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.
To err is human, but is feels divine.
Virtue has its own reward, but no box office.
It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean.
I used to be Snow White -- but I drifted.
Saving love doesn't bring any interest.
if you need quotes, she's one of the best...
and a pete wo-/menquote


reprise: sensational/francis/bacon/gilles/deleuze/cinema

among lovers of philopainting or pictophilosophy
extract from preface
according to deleuze is the painting of francis bacon pure flesh...
of course...
bacon is pure flesh!

deleuze/cinéma/tome1/tome2/not available anymore...gilles deleuze : cinéma et philosophie
.. pour repondre à cette question on pouvait notamment juque là se tourner vers les deux livres de Deleuze: Cinema tome 1 et 2.mais l'on connait la difficulté ...
pictorial sensation

now. francis bacon. the painter.
  • francis bacon image gallery

    Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 1944
    Oil and pastel on hardboard. each panel 145x128 cm. The Tate Gallery, London

    much more later about the triptych...
    the triptychtrippin' in cinema installed by abel gance.

    and to be explored with cinemascope...
    wait and experience angelus..
    seven angels in a tryptich

    patience is golden...
    patience is golden according to someone else



    ra ra ra / sun

    ra1/music, artwork, movies and goodies+
    ra2/My name is Richard Deurer. I am an Artist.The inspiration for my work is Ancient Egypt.
    ra. oh my god...
    the artist
    ra3/sun ra and his protean arkestra
    ra impulse
    a love supreme for the love of music

    maandag, maart 21, 2005


    creative claxon collective

    they are not 'the'.
    they are 'a' creative collective.
    claxonunited is a creative collective
    so creative
    that the collectivity
    doesn't need 'the'
    just 'a'

    zondag, maart 20, 2005


    mythos and logos

    Brent Dean Robbins dedicated to the promotion of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology and literature, as well as psychoanalytic thought, perennial philosophy, myth & metaphor
    The title of my portion of the presentation is "Putting Ourselves Out of Business: Implications of Levinas for Psychology." I want to make the case that a psychology and psychotherapy based on a Levinasian ethics is a psychotherapy that does not exist to perpetuate itself. Rather, it is a psychotherapy for the Other. And not only is it a psychotherapy for the Other, it recognizes that its responsibility for the Other is bestowed not just for the Other but by the Other. Our freedom as psychotherapists is a freedom given by and for the Other. If it weren't for the Other, we would not be given the privilege of our responsibility as psychotherapists. In other words, our profession is a gift from the Other.

    zaterdag, maart 19, 2005



    wat maakt iemand tot artiest?
    wie is kleinkunstenaar en wie is grootmeester?
    kan je nog artiest wezen in deze tijden?
    the artist nouveau is upcoming.
    the eclectic soundness of partisans
    hitting postmodernism dans le passé...
    (par·ti·san/ 1. A fervent, sometimes militant supporter or proponent of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea. 2. A member of an organized body of fighters who attack or harass an enemy, especially within occupied territory; a guerrilla.)



    bl!ndman. be blind. eyes closed and listen'

    niet kreupel, niet doof, niet stom, enkel blind om zich te concentreren op het geluid
    eyes closed and listening...
    eyes open and watching?
    blind intro


    re&max? a sexysax-o-phonestringsound

    phone. a speech sound considered without reference to its status as a phoneme or an allophone in a language.

    gevoelighardnekkige snarenkleppentoetsenvellenhoutmetaalelectronica in vijf samenvloeiende stukken die elkaar vinden in crescendoblazen en decrescendozuigen... zich samenvinden in elkaars eigenwijszinnige partituren...

    zelftrekkendetrekzak-handchoreografie-sax-o-phones-violentviolins-sweetstrings-xylaphoning -(met-plezier-inlevend-in-elkaars-uitlevend-plezier)- saxviolinpianovibraphone-and-other-weirdwonderfulworkingmusicmachinery...

    they went far and came close. into. outwards. way beyond. together again in one take...

    thierry de meyeric sleichimpeter vermeerschwalter husjean-paul dessy

    de blindhelderhorendeman(nen)

    donderdag, maart 17, 2005


    cabal. Word of the Day

    Word of the Day for Wednesday March 17, 2005

    cabal \kuh-BAHL; kuh-BAL\, noun:
    1. A secret, conspiratorial association of plotters or
    intriguers whose purpose is usually to bring about an overturn
    especially in public affairs.
    2. The schemes or plots of such an association.

    intransitive verb:
    To form a cabal; to conspire; to intrigue; to plot.
    because we have to...


    antwerp antwerpen anvers



    hybrid movies - no sex allowed - mauro - rabbits

    moviesneverthelessa love sex allowed...maurorabbitrunnightlifeinsignia

    woensdag, maart 16, 2005



    so what?


    dinsdag, maart 15, 2005


    strictly film school

    is a dynamic, evolving personal homage journal dedicated to the analysis of landmark world cinema from an academic perspective: universal themes, symbols and imagery, historic context and artistic genres.
    The website contains a collection of short essays featuring the respective filmmaker's notable films. Film criticism, arranged by director or film, are accessible through the directors & films page
    Ancillary notes on film-related reading and other noteworthy film program screenings are chronicled in the journal pages.

    zondag, maart 13, 2005


    jean-luc godard

    masculin, féminin: 15 faits précis
    pierrot le fou (anna karina dans les bois...aaaahhhh : jamais, je ne.... jamais je te... t'aimerais toujours, Oh mon amour.' Oh we've had too much wine (laughter). It's a song I'm singing in Pierrot le Fou. I'm singing, 'Maline de chance, et jamais je ne te dirai que je t'aimerais toujours. Oh mon amour.' Je l'ai dit!)
    le mépris

    La séquence d'ouverture de Pierrot Le Fou / Le générique du Mépris

    vivre sa vie
    à bout de souffle
    2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle
    bande à part

    zaterdag, maart 12, 2005


    potboiler / word /day

    Word of the Day for Saturday March 12, 2005

    potboiler \POT-boi-lur\, noun:
    A usually inferior literary or artistic work, produced quickly
    for the purpose of making money.


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