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Juzo Itami, the director of the Japanese film "Tampopo," may be the most impenitent hedonist the movies have ever seen. As a filmmaker, he revels in sensual pleasure, and the spirit of his film is exultant, orgiastic. The movie has been described elsewhere as "Zen and the Art of Noodle-making," but its spirit couldn't be less Zen-like. Itami isn't interested in detachment. He's a zesty, immoderate connoisseur of pleasure-taking in all its forms -- food, sex, movies -- and he jumbles them all together here into a hilarious concoction. It's half movie, half dessert-topping -- a film gourmand's lusty dream... read further: By Hal Hinson, Washington Post Staff Writer, June 17, 1987

(1986) Juzo Itami's comedy about the endless human desire for food is full of delightful interludes, including a small child's first introduction to the delights of an ice cream cone after a strict health-food upbring. (MSG) by http://www.metroactive.com/movies/capsule-ta.html

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