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lars von trier / europa

von trier? that's europa...
discover if you already haven't
Spectacular film! Von Trier is one of our few great contemporary artists, and this film shows what he can really do without the (later) self-imposed restraints of the indy-uber-alles Dogma film manifesto – location shooting with no effects or enhancements, etc.. EUROPA is all an effect, capturing the feel of expressionistic B&W films better than David Lynch or anyone else. There are sets, models, and even some hand-tinted color effects. The opening alone is hard to top – the audience is LITERALLY hypnotized by Max Von Sydow's voice, and the voice recurs throughout the film taking the audience and protagonist to deeper and deeper levels of trance nightmare, as if Nazism is the underlying reality of Europe, or the essential nature of the subconscious. The plot: An American of German descent arrives in post-war Germany 1945 with little sense of how desperate a world he's entering. His uncle gets him a precious job on the Zentropa train line as a sleeping car conductor. Caught up in a convulsing society but he finds himself being used by both the Americans who are hunting left-over Nazis and the influential family that owns the railroad. After falling in love with the railroad magnate's daughter, he begins to lose his neutrality, as she draws him into the shadowy surviving Nazi terrorist underground of "The Werewolves." That's not as silly as it sounds – there really was a proto-nazi underground call The Werewolves.) Von Trier pitched a fit when EUROPA didn't win the Cannes Palm D'Or, but 1991 was a great year for movies. (EUROPA finished second only to BARTON FINK, a similar film that's even a tad better than this one. Von Trier had won Cannes Best Director the previous evening, for chrstsakes! Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Barbara Sukowa, Udo Kier, Erik Mørk, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Jørgen Reenberg, Henning Jensen, Eddie Constantine.
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