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truffaut / jules jim

i admit
et ce n'était pas ce 4cents coups
jules et jim

The fundamental impossibility of a menage-a-trois, even between three who love each other dearly, tears at the foundation of the deep friendship of the title characters. In pre-WWI France, a shy German Jew Jules (Oskar Werner) falls in with somewhat more outgoing Frenchman Jim (Henri Serre). They're both artists of a sort and enjoy theatre, writing and, principally, talking. Quickly they become inseparable, sharing their time, experiences and women. Visiting their mutual friend Albert (Boris Bassiak) he plys them with slides of Greek sculptures that he's rescued, one of which grabs their attention with its enigmatic smile. They decide that if they ever find a woman with the same look that they'll grab her and never let go, hardly dreaming that their wish could come true. Inevitably this apparition appears, in the form of Catherine (Jeanne Moreau) - she looks just like the statue and is similarly difficult to understand below the surface. The three have many good moments but for the first time Jules asks that they don't share everything, needing Catherine for himself. Jim acquiesces, even though he desires her, because he loves and values Jules.

but still his ego was overwhelming in nuit amèricaine...

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